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Applicant Information
Applicant Employment Information
Additional Comments
I certify that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Creditors receiving this application will retain the application whether or not it is approved. Creditors may rely on this application in deciding whether to grant the requested credit. False statements may subject me to criminal penalties. I authorize the creditors to obtain credit reports about me on an ongoing basis during this credit transaction and to check my credit and employment history on an ongoing basis during the term of the credit transaction. If this application is approved, I authorize the creditor to give credit information about me to its affiliates.


*Credit scores of 640+ may not require POI/POR/References

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof Of Income (POI)
    • W2 Employment: Two (2) pay stubs required (w/YTD & pay period) less than 30 days old
    • Non-W2 Employment: (Self-employed/1099): Latest 3-6 months bank statements showing deposit history.
    • Call for Other Income types: SSI/SSD/VA; Retirement/Pension; Child Support; Alimony
  • Proof of Residence (POR) --- Two (2) bills/statements dated less than 30 days
    • Utility Bill (Trash/Water/Gas/Electric/Phone/Cable)
    • Cell Phone Bill (full statement)
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Landlord lease agreement or Mortgage Statements
    • Checking or Savings Account Statement
  • Proof of Full Coverage Insurance
    • Max $500 deductible, minimum of a 6 month policy. Required at delivery
  • Personal References
    • Six (6) with complete address and phone numbers (each living at different addresses. Minimum two (2) family members)
  • Other stipulations may apply as requested by the financial institution.

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